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Oriental Rug Cleaning in Penticton

Oriental rugs come in a wonderful array of colours and designs. They are a great way to display your sense of elegance and style while adding beauty and history to any room of your home. We understand that as an oriental rug owner, you value homemade authenticity and quality interior decorating products. You’ll be looking forward to investing in an item that will last long and adds coziness to your decorating style. Having your oriental rugs washed safely by an experienced professional is a wise decision. You can count on Budjet Carpet Care for quality oriental rug cleaning services in Penticton, Okanagan Falls, and surrounding areas. With our rug cleaning specialists, we will ensure that your oriental rug is properly maintained and looking great.

If your oriental rug is starting to look tired and worn, schedule a free estimate today and let us help you keep your rug looking luxurious for years to come. Without proper maintenance, built up dirt could begin to deteriorate your rug’s face fibres damaging the luster and shine of the piece. With a good, deep clean to your rug, our experienced professionals will help you enhance the appearance of your rug.

Exceptional Care to Your Oriental Rugs


Oriental rugs are treasures that can have a long life of vibrant beauty and it is important to maintain them on a regular basis to keep them looking beautiful. If you’ve invested the money into purchasing an oriental rug, then it is also important to invest in having your rug washed by a trustworthy company that will treat your oriental rugs as their treasures.

At Budjet Carpet Care, we aim at being professional, courteous and dependable in each of our jobs. With over 47 years of experience in the business, we know how to restore the original glory of your oriental rugs. Our rug washing process requires that your oriental rug will be taken to our facility due to the many steps involved in properly cleaning these rugs. These steps include:.

Dry soil removal

Evaluation of dye strength

Safest washing method – allows drying, spot detailing and detailing of any tassels or fringe

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Penticton

Our In-Plant Area Rug Cleaning Process Involves:

Step 1: Thorough Inspection – It is the first stage of our cleaning process. We’ll determine whether your area rug is machine weaved or hand knotted and its fibre content.
Step 2: Dusting – Your area rug is turned upside down on metal grates and our vibrating machine will loosen 90% of the soil particulate in the rug. Vacuuming only will not be sufficient. This is one of the most important steps in cleaning your area rug. Your rugs can get rid of soil easily when it is dry and not wet.
Step 3: Complete Immersion Rug Washing – Your area rug is placed in our wash tub with the proper chemical solutions. With the paddle wheel action, rugs are gently massaged simulating the centuries-old technique of hand washing.
Step 4: Water Extraction – Area rugs are placed in a high-speed extractor and rinsed, removing 95% of the water, speeding up the drying process.
Step 5: Drying – Area rugs are hung vertically on a drying rack with controlled air movers.
Step 6: Final Inspection – All area rugs are groomed, with fringe detailing and rolled up for your delivery.

Do your area rugs move around on your hardwood floors? We sell special underlayment that will solve this problem. Call our office today, we’ll come over and show you a sample.


Friendly and Knowledgeable

“Steve does an excellent and professional job of cleaning for me. Over the years he has cleaned the carpets in our RV and the furniture in our home. You can count of Steve to be prompt, knowledgeable and friendly.”

- Louise N.

Extend the Life and Improve the Appearance of Your Oriental Rugs


With our in-plant process, we’ll do a deep clean and increase the quality of your oriental rugs.

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